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Canada Travel Insurance 2022

Canada, a country rich in natural resources and possibilities, attracts up to 30,000 immigrants each year. The country attracts students, tourists, and employees thanks to its large Indo-Canadian community.

Whether moving to advance academic or professional ambitions or taking a vacation to see the country’s great sights, all travelers must consider Canada travel insurance. An appropriate insurance policy, an often-overlooked factor, can be the difference between an average trip and a fantastic one!

If visiting Canada is on your bucket list, make sure you have a passport, a tourist visa, and Canada travel insurance coverage in order to have a worry-free trip. We offer complete coverage in the event of any medical or non-medical emergency. We provide many advantages under the policy coverage, ranging from instant cashless hospitalization to compensation for lost checked baggage, travel delay/cancellation, and aid in the event of passport loss, among others. You may buy the cover for a reasonable price and have a worry-free journey to Canada.

Is Travel Insurance Required in Canada?

Although travel insurance is not a necessity for a Canadian visa, immigration agents are increasingly asking for proof of insurance from tourists. Furthermore, in order to obtain approval of your visitor’s visa, you must submit proof of emergency Canada travel insurance while filing for Citizenship and Immigration in Canada.

Purchasing a Canada travel insurance coverage provides financial protection against unforeseen illness, baggage loss, passport loss, and other personal responsibilities. Despite the fact that Canada has one of the top healthcare systems in the world, it comes at a cost that not everyone can pay. Travel insurance for Canada from India covers your travel risks whether you are in Canada for leisure, employment, or education.

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Travel Insurance Benefits for Canadian:

Whatever your reason for traveling, we’ve got you covered to make your trip enjoyable and stress-free. The advantages of choosing the finest travel insurance for Canada are summarized below:

Comfort: Having travel insurance for your vacation will relieve you of the worry of traveling, especially for senior folks and students.

Protection in the event of a Medical Emergency: The policy covers you in the event that you require rapid medical assistance.

Compensation in the event of a Mistake: The plan provides compensation to the nominee in the event of the insured person’s untimely death.

Other contingencies are covered: trip delays and loss of belongings and paperwork are covered by the travel plan.

If you are a regular flyer, you can take advantage of the multi-trip travel policy.

Cashless Claim Settlement: You have the option of applying for a cashless claim.

What is covered by Canadian travel insurance?

We can provide you with a complete travel insurance package. The following is a list of everything we covered under Canada travel insurance:

Emergency hospitalization: If you have a medical emergency that necessitates hospitalization, the travel insurance plan for Canada will cover all of your expenses, including IPD and OPD.

Accidental hospitalization: Get up to 100% coverage in the event of an unintentional hospitalization. Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability is also covered.

Pre-existing diseases: The Canada Travel Insurance Plan will cover the cost of treating a life-threatening condition caused by a pre-existing disease.

Treatment in your home country: If you require additional treatment in your home country, you are covered for up to 30 days or until the policy expires, whichever comes first.

Medical Evacuation: Get coverage in the event of a medical emergency that necessitates a return to your home country.

Accidental Death on a Common Carrier: If the insured individual dies while traveling on a common carrier/public transportation, a lump sum payment will be provided as compensation.

Trip delay, cancellation, or interruption: Up to the sum covered, and subject to policy terms and restrictions, you will be compensated for a trip delay, cancellation, or interruption.

Loss of passport and checked-in baggage: Get up to USD 750 in coverage if your checked-in baggage is lost or delayed. You will be covered for up to USD 100 if your checked-in baggage is delayed. The plan provides up to $300 in coverage in the event of a passport loss.

Upgrade to Business Class: If you require an upgrade to business class for a more comfortable flight, you will be covered for USD 1,000 under the Canada travel insurance policy.

Personal liability coverage and coverage for the repatriation of a minor child are also available with foreign travel insurance.

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