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Top 8 Easiest & Fastest Ways to Immigrate To Canada 2021

This post lists all possible Easiest & Fastest ways to immigrate to Canada in 2021. Aspirants looking to immigrate to Canada do not have a better time, let’s take a fast look at each of the Canadian immigration sources and their prospects in the following post:

1- Express Entry

It started in 2015 and has been the source for the Canadian Govt of rising professional immigrants. Canada’s Express Entry is a point-based method that ranks candidates on the pre-decided collection of criteria that ultimately converge to a final ranking. Anyone who has an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate program can apply.

Note: A full-time work offer letter from a qualifying Canadian employer with a positive LMIA will add significant points to the applicant’s application. Road to Citizenship: Sure enough. Since spending 3 out of Canada’s past 5 years you became a Canadian citizen.


2- Provincial Nomination Programs

Each Canadian province has its own special PNP, except Québec and Nunavut. However, for immigrants to be admitted to Canada, they must meet other Federal criteria. For more information please refer to Immigration to Quebec.

Ontario’s Express Entry

French-speaking Skilled Worker Stream – Whether you are qualified to score Canadian Language Benchmark level 7 or higher for French and CLB level 6 or higher for English and have at least one year’s work experience in Canada in NOC Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B, then you are eligible to apply under that category.

Entrepreneur stream: You must be a non-Canadian entrepreneur looking to start a new company or buy an established business in Ontario.

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Skills and Labor Minister Bernard Davis said in a statement, “Newfoundland and Labrador provides immigrants with collateral families, a supportive atmosphere, and many benefits from entering the province’s economic and social life. Immigrants are welcomed to come here and for your family to create a better life.

  • NSNP

Nova Scotia is targeting prospective immigrants with the expertise and experience to immigrate and settle in the province through this regional nomination program.

  • YNP

Yukon Nominee Program encourages qualifying employers to fill permanent full-time positions in the region by quick tracking of the non-Canadian workforce. The YNP sources are available here:

You must also be qualified for one of the three types of federal immigration: federal skilled worker program; federal skilled trades program; or Canadian level of experience.

  • Business Nominee Stream

The stream is intended for people with demonstrated business abilities who wish to own and run businesses in Yukon. Nominees meeting the criteria shall be assisted by Yukon in their application for permanent residency to Canada.

3- Family Sponsorship

Who Will Sponsor?

Canadian Citizen

Optional: The sponsor must have a personal or a household income that meets the criteria of LICO based on their dependents.

4- Startup Visa

I or 5 business owners may apply if they have a great business idea and can obtain a letter of support from any of the following:

Venture Capital Fund (with a minimum of $200,000)

Angel Investor Group (with a minimum of $75,000)

Must be approved in one of the Business Incubators Processing Time lists listed by IRCC: 12 to 16 months Fees from $1540. Optional: While PR applications are being processed for individuals, he/she can apply for a temporary work permit to get to Canada and start building up his / her company.

5- Caregiver Visa

A caregiver visa is a special system that is considered to be the only one in the world that allows international caregivers access to the PR status after two years of full-time jobs in their profession. Gateway to PR is a perk to alleviate the poor working environment of the job and comparatively low pay grade.

6- Self Employed

No restrictions on immigration are imposed on the self-employed class. After he/she arrives in Canada one must have enough money to support him/her and their family members. The financial assets of self-employed persons can also be a measure of purpose and the ability to economically develop them in Canada.

7- Student route to PR

Students completing a 2-year program at the University / College of Canada have a variety of immigration options. Canadian employers are more drawn to students with prior Canadian experience and Canada is seeking to keep international talent emerging from its educational institutions because of the impeccable nature of Canadian education.

It is often advisable for students to apply for Dual Purpose, i.e. Temporary Residence (work and study) and PR in Canada. This makes Canada an even more attractive location for students to study. To get their permanent residence, students can go through any of the following immigration paths:

  • Express Entry (Canada Experience Class)
  • Provincial Nomination

8- Atlantic Immigration Pilot


The Government of Canada has partnered with the following four Atlantic Provinces to introduce an employer-driven system designed to help employers in Atlantic Canada recruit eligible foreign workers for positions they were unable to fill locally:

  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Time of processing: $1040 for 6 months.
  • High Skilled Worker

This category is intended for applicants who have at least one year of experience employed in a technical, administrative, or qualified job and who have a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent.

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